the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs

The title is from a Be Good Tanyas song, The Littlest Birds :)

This is Tamar Mogendorff's studio, isn't it bird-0-licious..? She makes these.

On another note, I'm watching a film totally associated with my childhood: Private Benjamin, with Goldie Hawn. Hell yeah! It's been so long, I remember maybe 5% of what I've seen so far... She just said "shit!", what a cool 5 year old I must've been to be allowed to watch this. And so naive. I'm pleased to recognise the female platoon leader as Mrs Peacock from Clue, however. She's awesome in Clue.

Photo by Lena Corwin.

Over & out.

update: Private Benjamin isn't as fun as I remember. I never learn: don't revisit films from your childhood!

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