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Trying out a new header. It's like mind control, yeah ;D

In just over a fortnight (Sept. 9th) I'm going travelling for about 8 months. I know!
I start in Japan, then travel down East Coast Australia before hopping across to Queenstown, New Zealand where my sister lives. After staying (and hopefully working) in Queenstown a while, I'll travel the country before flying to Buenos Aires to visit my in-laws. The last stop is Peru, to do the ol' Inca Trail.
This is obviously incredibly exciting, but it's daunting thinking of doing it all on my own, too. It's taking some time to wrap my head around it, I'm going to miss my family & friends like crazy. Anyway, this blog might soon turn more into a travel journal than anything else, it'll be hard to update from the other side of the world but I'm hoping to use it to upload photos.

I'm looking forward to a completely lazy Sunday! I hope you're having a swell day whatever you're upto, too.

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