mini break

Hi, my name's Amy and I'm a Bad Blogger. Apologies for the slow going folks, but I just haven't felt like posting much lately, other real world things have been distracting me, like birthdays, work and plum wine!

I don't like posting for the sake of it, I hope that someone can be inspired or educated by something they find on here, so I hope you'll bear with me for a couple days more before normal programming resumes. Until then, here are some blogs by bad ass ladies who never cease to inspire me.

Happy reading!


  1. Gah! I feel so bad little lady, your birthday was in March! I'm not living in the real world I hope you can excuse my rudeness! :o I'm gonna make you a little something, I've been sewing all weekend and am getting into it! Oh, I have seen Simon's Cats! It's awesome too! Think I just fell for this girl's things cause they remind me of me like you say ahaha! Mark said the same! :) Hope your having nice times with that plum wine! :) love xxx

  2. Thanks pet lamb! I had a great birthday, and Alex's was on the 30th - we had an awesome day involving macarons & that plum wine :) Don't make me anything, make things for yourself!! I still haven't sent your package, sorry for being a bad friend as well as blogger, I'll get onto that xxx