etre et avoir

Brian just wrote about a Welsh documentary set in a rural community, and although I've only seen the trailer for it, sleep furiously reminded me of another documentary that I love and haven't seen for years.
Etre et Avoir (translated meaning To Be and To Have) is a French documentary shot in 2002, surrounding a rural primary school's only teacher and his kids, who range from 4-11 years old. The pace of the film is lingering, not rushed and it paints a wonderful portrait of the tiny community, and the kids make me grin. I went to a tiny school myself when I was little - there were 4 girls and 1 boy in my year, and 35 pupils in the entire school. We had one teacher for the youngest 3 years, and another (head) teacher for the top two years. How cosmopolitan!

If you're in need of an antidote to cynicism & sarcasm, watch this movie.

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