blast from the past

Alain Gree (1971) via here

(Rediplete Pediatric Syrup Box by Merck Sharp & Dohme from 1960's or 70's, found via the fox is black)

I just go crazy for the retro styling and bold, saturated colours of these old advertisements. Especially those containing visions of the future akin to Buck Rogers or The Jetsons. I had a film tutor at university called Roger Buck, and I was forever on the brink of calling him Buck Rogers by mistake. I guess he gets that a lot. Can we please bring this style back?

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  1. Aww I need some summer sun too! It's been such a long winter here, I can't tell you how much I want a blue sky and heat on my face!!! Going to try and go for a walk tomorrow up in the fields! Hope the sun is out and my knee can handle it!

    Those pictures of iceland are so inspiring, I'd love to go there... I even have a friend who lives there, should really take her up on her offer to visit one day!!! Before the volcanoes go totally mental!

    http://blog.krisatomic.com/ This talented lady just went there too! Her pictures are yummy...

    Hope you have a nice weekend darling and the Autumn gets a bit more pretty and inspiring! I sure know how you must feel though, and that song doesn't help! Want to go back to Santa Monica beach and lay in the heat underneath a palm tree... Waaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxx