Ashley of Hither and Thither posted this rad image of Cappadocia in Turkey, taken by Mr and Mrs Globe Trot who are photographers travelling the world on their 6 month honeymoon (congrats!). Why have I never heard about this place? Cappadocia looks utterly gorgeous and Dali-esque, I think it just made it onto my travel lust list along with Istanbul, Morocco, Mexico, Cuba, Japan (again), Andalusia and, well.. it keeps growing! Imagining where we're going to go on our own honeymoon is definitely one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning (pffft you couldn't say we've been doing much of that yet! A bit tied up logistically right now, long story).


  1. sigh. The wanderlust is hitting me really hard too-and this picture only made it worse! It does look very Dali-esque!

  2. Sorry to torture you with pretty pictures! And thanks for posting - your blog is great! Looking forward to browsing properly after work :)