do it like a tomboy

Life, 1965
"I was the only girl pro at the time. We did figure eights, hand stands and 360’s." —Patti McGee
The above has been taken from Tomboy Style, my latest blog find (thanks to Kate of the ever-inspiring For Me, For You) and addictive source of joy. I love that the sub-heading of the cover reads "the craze and the menace of skateboards". Oh, the menace!
Other great Tomboy Style posts:

I've always loved this photo of Mary Badham & Gregory Peck from the set of To Kill A Mockingbird. When I was young (and probably now, if we let him) my Dad would joke that my Mum had a crush on Gregory Peck. Well, Mum, I'd say he's a handsome fella alright!

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