congratulations JR

Elusive French photograffitist (try saying that 3 times really fast) JR has been awarded TED's 2011 Prize. I've been a fan of his enormous pastes since his Paris suburban series. I'm glad that he's getting recognition for his work, which as well as being beautiful to look at, often address issues that people usually ignore or overlook for whatever reason.

TED has always been an abundant source of inspiration, bringing together creative and innovative people from around the world to talk about their ideas and projects, and so help spread and evolve them. So JR is perfect for this prize. Unfortunately I can't see how to re-post the video interview with JR from TED's website, so click here to view and learn more!

And on that happy note, I'm done for the day. From zero to a billion posts all at once, I sure love inconsistency! Have a rad day people.

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