bluey green and the setting sun, or.. warning: cheese ahead!

Looking back, my time in Australia revolved around water. Lots of it, in all sorts of incarnations. Whether swimming in a saltwater lake, hanging out in shipwrecks, drifting down creeks or hi-fiving whales, I seem to have spent 6 weeks in the big blue. PROOF:

I had a weird relationship with Australia, probably because I can't swim! But I do hope to go back some day. I hereby swear not to post anymore cheesey sunset photos (for a little while, at least)


  1. What gorgeous photos! I've always wanted to visit Australia, now I'm DYING to! Need to save my pennies...sigh.

    xx Katie

  2. Thanks Katie!
    It was a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing, the chances of me being able to get back there are slim, what with visits home to the UK and (hopefully) a return to Japan sometime in the next 10 years! x