the impossible project + urban outfitters

WEBpolaroid008 by you.

Polaroid I took of the Edinburgh funfair at dawn, 2008

It looks like Polaroid may be back on the menu, boys!
Yup, The Impossible Project, which I blogged about a few months back, is still on track to producing their new, improved instant film in the old Dutch Polaroid factory they bought. Especially since they're now receiving support from Urban Outfitters! Read about their collaboration here.

A statement from Urban Outfitters:

We’ve partnered with The Impossible Project to help them on their mission to bring instant film photography back to life. When Polaroid ended instant film production in 2008, The Impossible Project picked up where they left off—purchasing a Polaroid factory and equipment in Holland. Now they’re on track to start producing their own instant film in early 2010. We’re proud to support them with exclusive Polaroid product and an exhibiton of Polaroid photography.

D'you hear that? Expect instant film back on the shelves in 2010 :D


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