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There's been a lot of space pictures posted round the web lately to celebrate the 40th anniversay of the first moon landing last week. I'm totally late to the party, shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon with these, but I couldn't resist their retro goodness. Image-heavy post, y'all!

President Kennedy, V.P. Johnson and others attend an Apollo briefing at Cape Canaveral, 1962

Neil Armstrong in an early (pre-Gemini) spacesuit

Gemini 7 as seen from Gemini 6 during their rendezvous in space

View of Agena firing during docked operations with Gemini 10

Gemini 11 lifts off with astronauts Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon aboard

Portrait of Apollo 13 Lunar Module Pilot Fred W. Haise Jr.

Apollo 13 is bathed in floodlights during early morning rollout

Apollo 13 during rollout

Astronauts Lovell (left) and Haise carry out a simulation of a lunar traverse at Kilauea, Hawaii, site

Apollo 13 astronaut Thomas K. Mattingly II, command module pilot, during water egress training in a water tank at JSC.

Jim Lovell and Fred Haise beside LM landing leg during EVA training

Apollo 13 astronauts eating breakfast in quarters on launch day, l-r, Fred W. Haise, Jr., James A. Lovell, Jr., and John L. Swigert. April 11, 1970

Astronaut secretary Martha Caballero wishing Apollo 13 commander James A. Lovell, Jr. good luck.

Gene Kranz watches Apollo 13's 4th TV tranmission with trouble only minutes away.

View of Mission Control Center during the Apollo 13 oxygen cell failure

There's (tons) more over at The Apollo Image Gallery

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