colour me eggleston








There's a documentary called The Colourful Mr. Eggleston currently up on the BBC iPlayer til sometime in August. I'm kinda surprised by some aspects of Eggleston's personal life, I expected him to be reserved all the way through, just like his tight-lipped molasses voice suggests.

I am drooling over Eggleston's Leicas!
Also, I love Juergen Teller's sound effects :D

P.S. Interestingly, when collecting photos for this post I couldn't find 2 of my favourites: an interior cafe shot looking out at a semi-naked young man, who is looking in.. and a bottle of tomato sauce (maybe there's mustard too?) but not the shot I've included here (or similar ones I found on google). Maybe I dreamed them, ha.


  1. Hey chick! I just watched that! hehe! Makes me feel bad for not going out in the rain to take pictures!

    Is the picture you are describing not a Philip lorca dicorcia picture? Sounds like one...

    meaw i have to get up at 4am to drive my mum and her bf to the airport :S NOOOOOO!!!! best get to sleep! hope you are swell xxx

  2. dude!
    you're totally right, how foolish i am. thanks love mwah! :)

    haha yeah the programme totally made me feel guilty for not picking up my camera more. martin parr does NOT look how i imagined him! (for some reason)

    ick! hope you get to sleep fast honey, sleep well! xxxxx