Stranger Things...

Yes, I awoke the beast! Or the blog, however you read it.. basically I needed somewhere to spew these ramblings and since I know no one will be reading by now this feels like the right place :)

My husband's boss is taking him to dinner and I find myself in that rare and special moment of being home alone on a weeknight. I relish this opportunity to discover a new show - can't be something that we watch together, religiously, commenting on the twists and turns each week. I turn on Netflix and see what it has decided that it should Recommended to Me. The first thing on the list? "Stranger Things". I'm drawn to the heavy, serif, Stephen King font. The Spielberg '80s font, front and centre on the cover image. Immediately it screams retro sci-fi.

I almost don't want to watch in case it disappoints, although Netflix rates it 5 stars. The opening music, the slightly blurred celluloid-style credits and backlit kids riding fixies hammer home with a deafening blow a feeling of nostalgia, a heartwarming feeling of comfort in 80s sci-fi, like a dog rolling in an especially delicious, stinky smell. This is my youth.

It is very, very early days for me. Like, barely 10 minutes into the first episode, so I don't dare to predict how this show might rise or fall to my expectations - already I fear it leans more towards the "scary" than the mysterious, and the appearance of Winona Ryder as a mother somewhat diminishes the illusion of '80s naïveté - but for now I just want to curl up and feel like my young self, watching for the first time a new show about... the unknown.

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