The Guest

The Guest had a quiet release in September last year. I only heard about it through the fun bad movie review podcast The Flop House (- by the way, well worth a listen if you enjoy three guys shooting the shit and discussing the terrible film they just watched. The fellas are writers for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, so they know a thing or two about comedy and screenwriting.)

Anyway, The Guest was not one of the bad movies reviewed by The Flop House. They recommended it as a good watch and it stuck in my mind. I had no idea it starred Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey (yeah, what?) as a mysterious soldier who works his way into the home of a family whose deceased son he claims to have served with in Afghanistan. It's best described as a schlocky '70s horror vibe, but is more of a thriller. Oscar-worthy viewing this ain't, but if you're looking for a fun time then check it out. 

Warning: I don't know its rating, but this movie contains it's fair share of violence.

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