Happy 2015 you guys! I'm thinking today is the limit for saying that, really. From tomorrow I'm only looking forward. I hope you all had a relaxed/rad/love-filled holiday (delete as applicable) and are bounding into the new year refreshed, full of vim & vigour. Well we can hope, right?

I spent a chilled out Christmas with my husband and his parents, who visited us from Buenos Aires. We headed out first thing Christmas Day for the ferry to Waiheke island, where we spent the next 3 nights in teepees and exploring the beaches. New Year's Eve was quiet, just how I like it. After a delicious dinner we took Alex's parents to see the fireworks. Auckland city council really needs to get its act together! No? They're like a damp squib next to Sydney's display.

I just wanted to share this great web series I've been blowing through. High Maintenance follows the clients of a weed dealer in New York city, and as episodes are only 5 minutes long they are so addictive! The creator/writer/star Ben Sinclair is very likeable as the dealer and each episode deals with a new cast of characters, so if one doesn't grab you then you can move onto another. See the trailer below, and watch them all here.

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