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Hi! Wow, how the heck are ya? If you are reading this, mazel tov! You win most dedicated reader. It has been a lifetime since my last post but today, as I lurk inside my apartment festering with a throat infection, I decided to do something I've been thinking of for months and resurrect the ghost of this old beast. So what's the deal?

Well, I got married. Moved islands, from small-town mountain life to the "big smoke" city of Auckland. We started new jobs - usual life stuff. Plus some fun in between; spending the first few days of 2014 in a teepee on Waiheke Island, sun worshiping at Laneway Festival in January, a trip to see my family in England in May, revisiting Queenstown for my sister's wedding in November....

Here's photographic evidence from Instagram:

The day I married my love. It rocked.

Honeymooning in the Cook Islands. Take me back!

Hello, new home.

Summer adventures

Went through another drawing phase

Last year's Christmas lights were impressive

Waiheke put on a good show

At the beginning of Laneway Festival (pre-sunburn)

Lorde, the night after Laneway

More weekend adventures

Burgundy, France with my parents. That view though!

Home on the range

Spending time with this little firecracker

Queenstown sister ties the knot

Merry Christmas, all!

(Not pictured: months of readjustment to city life, personal dramas, fears over career paths & life choices and other petty worries. Nothing out of the ordinary, but life isn't all plain sailing despite how social media often portrays it.)

The final nail in the blog coffin was due to one little thing (and please nominate this for Most Pathetic Excuse award): I got an iPad. I switched to the iPad around the time of my last post (about bums and farts, always a good way to go out!) and it was a nightmare to keep this blog going on it. I'm lazy at best, but man does it seem confusing blogging in iPad format! Does anyone have any tips or apps they use?

I can't say that I'll just pick things up where they left off - still on that iPad, yo! The husband's at work while I'm off sick today so I'm using this opportunity to spread my grubby lurgy paws all over his keyboard. BUT you can know that when I do post it's because I'm passionate about it. There'll be no pressure to create content for 7 regular features a week, ha!

I'm very active on Pinterest & Instagram if you want to see the latest. I hope someone out there enjoys checking in here as much as I enjoy creating these little posts :)

A x

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