riding into 2012

Happy New Year! And while we're at it, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Joyful Kwanza! You guys, I have no excuse. I'm not going to patronize your giant brians with pathetic reasons for my absence, because there are none. I was enjoying all those other amazing blogs out there far too much and just didn't feel the need to blog myself, and that's okay. But I did still feel that niggling guilt, and the longer I stayed away from here the worse it got until it snowballed into some kind of elephant in the room: "just write about anything!" But I don't want to do that, so I waited until I felt ready to come back as I knew I would.

I had a great time away, though, and I hope you did too. It's summer here, and it's been a stunner - in fact I'm hoping for some rain soon for our poor parched grass. But I'm not complaining, I've been soaking it up in bucketloads and practically feeling all that life-giving vitamin D seeping into dem bones of mine. Other happenings: I started a new job - which then closed down for Christmas (and doesn't reopen for another 2 weeks!), drank too many mojitos, ate a lot of barbeque and realised it's now less than a year until I get married. Holy crap.

But enough about me. What's a post without pictures, right? So you don't feel robbed, and because it's totally apropos of nothing, check out these bitching Kenyan bike taxis!

Kenyan Taxis

Photos by James Mollison for Colours magazine, via DesignTripper


  1. Those bikes are incredible! Who'd want a Pashley bike when these babies are knocking around! I really enjoyed your post on Kim Keever too, what an amazing idea, and such beautiful results.

  2. After seeing this, I'm definitely going to turn my bike into a taxi. Now about that upholstered seat..hmmmm....

    Leela x

  3. I rode in buses on St Lucia (mini vans really - you all had to get out and roll the seats down to let someone from the back out!) that remind me of these bikes. They were wallpapered inside, strung with tons of rasta memorabilia, festival beads and the music was pumping. Party time!