summer goals

margaret durow summer

Margaret Durow

buenaventura summer




leila peterson

Leila Peterson

leila peterson2

Leila Peterson

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Leila Peterson

mike sinclair fourth july

Mike SInclair

mike sinclair las vegas

Mike Sinclair

Our little island is just starting to creep towards spring, and I'm already too stoked for summer to arrive. I feel like I need to enjoy this thing to the max more than ever this year, as I've no idea what my job situation will be - between that, the photos above and that glimpse of summer we had in Europe last month, I am seriously jonesing for some SUN.

Summer Goals is a collaboration between Anne Parker & Christie Maclean, started in the hopes that documenting their daily life would help them achieve their goals of living outdoors and soaking up that great weather. It worked, and the project was so talked about on the web that you can now by Summer Goals the book! I'm not kidding myself that I'll achieve anything like they have - or even make it all the way through summer taking photos (I'm no finisher!) but recording it all is now one of my own goals this summer.


  1. how gorgeous is the collection? what a brilliant idea. just catching up around here and sending you big hugs. xo