hi september

I'm settled back in my cozy little nook after an amazing month gallivanting round Europe with my fella. It was an adventure, hi jinks were involved and it was soooo good to feel the sun after a long southern winter. And dare I say it, it finally feels like spring is in the air here in New Zealand. Once I've sorted through the sea of photos I might put some up here in a fit of narcissism, and I'm also hoping to revamp the design a bit - if I don't manage to destroy the place in the process!

I can't just leave you with that, what a terrible blogger that would make me! So I'm sharing the gift of music. I know I've shown a music video by watercolours only recently, but the more of Chelsea Jade's voice I hear, the more I love. Below are glimpses of both of her bands in action, Watercolours and Teacups.

watercolours live on radio - 95bfm morning show

teacups gig - live audio recorded on tape by jonathan pearce, video by reuben stephens

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