camera obscura

I was reminded of the work of Abelardo Morell while browsing the fantastic Honestly...WTF this week. I saw the video posted below on TV ages ago and was stunned by Morell's beautiful series Camera Obscura. He takes landscapes out of context by bringing the outside in - I wish there were a mechanism that you could turn on to project the view onto your bedroom wall whenever you feel like it (but, y'know, only if you live somewhere gorgeous, not opposite a hairy trucker).

Tent Camera is a new and intriguing series. In 2010 Abelardo Morell created a light-proof tent and rigged up "periscope type optics making it possible to project a view of the nearby landscape onto whatever ground is under the tent. Inside this darkened space I use a view camera to record the effect." I love how the texture adds another immediate aspect to the image. (Quote via slightly lucid)

Tent-Camera Image On Ground: View Looking Southeast Toward The Chisos Mountains. Big Bend National Park, Texas, 2010

Tent-Camera Image On Ground: View of Cerro Castellan and Tuff Canyon. Big Bend National Park, Texas, 2010

Tent-Camera Image On Ground: View of Landscape Outside Florence, 2010

Bonus: An interview with one of my favourite documentary photographers, Sebastiao Salgado.


  1. WOAH I LOVE TENT CAMERA!!!! Hey sweetheart, I bet you a gazzilion dollars I am more useless with birthdays and well, EVERYTHING! haha! My memory banks seem to just vanish... Don't know if it's cause I'm an elderly 26 year old now, if I smoke too much or if I am actually just crap! haha! OMG if I see you in August my smile will be a real deal kinda smile! :D I wish wish wish for that! Me and Mark are about to go for a wee midnight walk, there has been thunder storms and heavy rain all week it seems... But it's totally clear just now so I'm gonna take a break from photoshoppin' all these damn things for circus girl!!! ahhh!!! Why did I start this again!? haha! I will hold off sending you your wee package then, and I'll maybe have to re-write your letter AGAIN! haha, everything keeps changing so fast things date real quick! :S I hope you are well! xxxxxx

  2. These are WILD. I especially love the desert shots. Amazing!

  3. Such fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. They're all beautiful! Thank you for sharing the interview too! xoxoxoo