hand crafted

I love this beautiful video that retailers West Elm shot in Rajasthan showing all the painstaking work involved in block printing. Just look at that detail!


  1. Thanks sweetpea! :) I hope you are well! What have you been up to? I still haven't sent the package I've been making you! lots of love xxx

  2. AMY! If someone was making you something to wear what would be the best colours for your tastes right now? ;) Don't worry it's nothing big, I have been making things for circus girl and am making you a little one too! Let me know when you can! love xxx

  3. Eep Zoe! Sorry for being crap, I wish I was around to blog more. Aw you shouldn't send me anything! But if you insist then I'm really into pastels or neons right now, hah slightly bipolar :) I moved house in case you didn't know, so don't post anything yet! I've been wanting to send you something forever, but I'm still hoping that Alex & I manage to come up to the burgh for a day in August to catch a Fringe show and see your little face. How's Circus Girl coming along? How's your knee, are you a yoga goddess now? love xxxx