art for japan

There are many ways to help make a difference in Japan right now. The before and after satellite shots of Japan's North East are heart breaking. A lot of artists are organizing auctions or offering proceeds from print sales. Wonderful blogger Hilda Grahnat has opened a Help Japan shop, in which her photos and postcard set proceeds will be going to the Japanese Red Cross Society. 100% of Yokomono Sankaku Sachets ( seen above, filled with lavender) will be donated to those affected. Any sales of English photographer Skye Hohmann's images of Japan are also going to the Red Cross, and all of Emily Shur's photographic print sales will be donated to the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund. These are just a fraction of the options on offer.

Update: Kate has made a round-up of some artists donating 100% of their proceeds to Japan. Check it out here.

Update 2: W + K Studio will be giving anyone who donates $25 or more to the Japan Red Cross through their website a Help Japan poster designed by them.

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