a magazine is born

There's no way this can go wrong. Little White Lies, the Black Swan edition! Unfortunately this edition has sold out, but you can marvel at the beautiful illustration of Natalie Portman; wonder at the making of this most excellent film magazine! It shows 2 months of work in 2 minutes, and features the film's original score.

Little White Lies magazine #33 Black Swan Issue

Love that new print smell.

In case you don't know about Little White Lies (I didn't until my friend Helen set me straight, thanks pal!) it is a bi-monthly (that means one every two years, right?) UK film magazine that actually contains insightful directorial interviews, movie reviews and everything else you never knew you wanted to know. Their design and layouts are fresh - probably because they choose to review great films regardless of budget or fame, which I love. You can subscribe, order online or follow their blog.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Twas awesome to watch. Makes you want to draw and print and stuff. =)