tree of codes

I'm always excited when I hear the name Jonathan Safran Foer mentioned. He writes boundary-pushing, sometimes difficult books that never fail to capture the imagination. I read his first book, Everything Is Illuminated, years ago and consequently watched - and loved - the movie. Eugene Hutz, lead singer of balkan gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello, is genius as Alex in this film.

Everything Is Illuminated trailer. In case you haven't seen it, fix it!

Jonathan Safran Foer also wrote a moving novel entitled Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close. His writing style is refreshingly different and very raw, and this tale of a young boy whose father was killed in 9/11, stole my heart. Now to the point of this post! Jonathan Safran Foer (man that's a handful to type) is releasing a new and brilliantly unique book, Tree Of Codes. This book promises to be mind boggling.

The man himself explains his inspiration....

You can order it here.

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