technicolour hardware

I was surfing the web and just happened to notice a pattern emerging in the things that caught my eye. There's something about wood and colour together that is very comforting.

For the prolific reader! Book case by Raw-Edges, via Sight Unseen. Read more about this awesomely simple idea here.

Unique, handmade Fredericks & Mae arrows. Yes, I know these arrows and axes have been seen everywhere in 2010, but until now they've been growing in my conscience, and I really, really want some! But my common sense is asking me when the last time I chopped some wood was (in a very naggy voice, I might add).

Best Made Co. make beautiful axes. They also offer some pretty prints by Jason Frank Rothenberg. Take a look at their blog to follow progress of their "urban archaeology" project to save an old Campbells factory site.


Make an osmose lamp! Artist Clemence Seilles, together with Sight Unseen, show us how to create a pretty do-able piece of colourful art.

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