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Happy New Year y'all!
Here's to a rocking 2011. I wish you all happy trails & puppy dog tails, whatever that means :D
Apart from my man's iphone alarm failing to wake me for work (we are y2k11 victims, gasp!) nothing momentous has happened, there has been no lightning strike to the brain that has made me want to take up alpaca farming or re-evaluate my life (much). So I'll be continuing on with programming pretty much as usual, except that I'll try to, y'know, be more consistent and interesting and stuff. And I'll hopefully be expanding and evolving into more awesome things, time allowing. Softly, softly!

So let's kick start the new year with a sweet piece of travel, food and culture all rolled up into one nigiri...

Jen of Oishii Eats and husband Dylan booked a last minute trip in December to go to the Fuji Rock Festival 2010 in Niigata. Japan has to have the best festival food, although it has a lot to live up to when compared with the oyster tent and 200-strong whiskey bar I experienced at Connect Festival 2007 in Scotland. Jen's photos make me want to go for the food more than anything. See her post here.

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