put a bird on it!

Thanks Meighan for posting this skit on craft/design trends from the show Portlandia. I've never heard of this show before, so I have to thank her for that too. Fred Armisen is great on SNL (although Kristen Wiig is still my faves). Oh, and don't think I'm hating on Portland, it's on my imaginary list of must-see places.

i once had 2 pigeons move into my bedroom while I was away one night. ONE night is all it took! I came home and in classic horror movie style, saw something shiny and green on my carpet. I bent down, touched it (ew!) then looked up in time to see two giant birds attacking me. Okay, they were probably scared shitless (excuse the pun, but there was crap EVERYWHERE) but it felt like an attack. I love birds, but not in small spaces. It definitely turned into the end of this video clip.

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