choe & jean

SWEET. Wishing I was in Japan right now. Two legends in one space: David Choe & James Jean at Parco Factory, Shibuya Tokyo. Only one week left; if you manage to make it, post pics/write about it/rub my face in it, I don't care!

The show's called L.A. Secret Studio. Apparently David Choe may not have made it to his own show, as the last time he was in Japan he did a bit of graffiti and ended up in jail. Below is what he has to say about this:

I’m not allowed to go back to japan, unless I can prove why I absolutely must be there, and I guess an art show is not good enough reason . i’m allowed to attempt to try to gain access to japan every 6 months, and in the last 5 years, i got three epic fails, not to mention if i even get caught jaywalking(which i love to do) i go stragiht to jail again for 7 years, no trial , yowza!
So even though there is a 99.9% chance I wont be in japan to celebrate my return to Nippon! You should still go! On October 29th 2010, me and my friend james jean who also happens to be one of the best painters in the world, will double fist Tokyo, with our friends at goodsmile and upperplayground. We will have all new, t-shirts, prints, jewelry, handbags,keychains, plus all kinds of other cool shit, all exclusive for japan! Everything you need to know right here:

Extract from this article from exhibition organizers Upper Playground

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