this is england

Hey man! I hope you've been having an awesome summer/wicked winter. Apologies for my absence lately, I've spent a wee while visiting friends old and new, and am now basking in the family homestead in Northumberland, England. The last few days have been balmy and sunny, and I've had a great time stomping round the countryside. My big sister even surprised me with a visit on the weekend, taking the train up from the south! Thanks Toya. So while I'm still making the most of being home for a few weeks, I'm back to posting again now. Clap clap!

Hopefully I'll get round to posting some photos I've taken, although I know from past experience this usually takes me a while! Also, I can't make this old laptop post images, ohnoes! So until then, feast your eyeholes on the new four-part series This Is England '86, based on some of the characters from Shane Meadows' amazing film This Is England (released 2006). The story revolved around Woody and Lol, two ex-punks whose wedding experiences some hitches, and trouble soon follows. Tonight is part two (10pm Channel 4 in the UK), only 20 minutes to wait :)

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