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The Paskowitz family in a scene from the documentary 'Surfwise.'

So last week I posted about Taylor Steele's new surf film Castles in the Sky. This week, to continue the accidentally watery/surf/shark theme, I'm posting about a documentary I just watched called Surfwise.

Wow. It takes a really great documentary to keep me gripped all the way through, and Surfwise definitely did that. Dorian (Doc) Paskowitz gave up a lucrative medical career to take his wife and NINE children on the road in a 24-foot campervan, travelling from wave to wave around America for something like 18 years. It needs to be seen to be believed. The most interesting part of the film for me is the effect that their childhood had on the Pakowitzs' lives now, having had no formal education and being brought up to believe in a completely different style of life and attitude. This film had the whole emotional range, man, you can feel the (now fully grown) childrens' conflicted feelings towards their parents. Go watch!

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