time flies

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Diego Goldberg's family have had their portraits taken every june 17 since 1976. It's fascinating seeing the small changes from year to year, and the huge differences between the beginning and now. Diego named it The Arrow of Time, it's been on ABC News (super cheesy vid alert!) in America, and they're still doing it today. Diego's oldest son Nicolas has also started his own with his new family.

Past Goldbergs are rocking some groovy hair!


  1. isnt this unreal. i love it. i would like to say i would one day do it with my own family when i start one but i know i could never keep it up : )

  2. Aww me and Mark stumbled upon this! It's ace! We were like, we should totally do it on my birthday but then my birthday came and went! I love how the son has started it with his wee family too! :) xxx

  3. Yep, I think this takes alot of dedication!
    I can barely remember what I ate yesterday so I'm not even going to pretend I could start something as awesome as this. Would love to, though! x