shiny shiny paper & eightiestastic

Magazines I love (and wish I could buy every issue)...
I'm sure I've forgotten a few..
In other news, I went to see Get Him to the Greek (with Russell Brand & Jonah Hill) and it was a larf, mate. And as if that wasn't enough, Comedy Central (New Zealand) has been putting on a dynamite month of cheesy/screwball '80s movies! Love it. Check it out..
National Lampoon's Vacation / National Lampoon's European Vacation / Romancing the Stone / Roxanne / The Money Pit / Groundhog Day / Fletch / Weekend at Bernie's / Tommy Boy / Risky Business / The Lost Boys / Hot Shots! / Hot Shots! Part Deux.....
ALSO there's a new film out toted as "the world's first street art disaster movie" made by none other than Banksy. What? Exit Through The Gift Shop is having limited showing across the USA, and totally sold out! I hear from handmade romance that it's aces. I hope they bring it out here soon so I can stop pouting.

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