sleep tight

Sébastien Rinckel, architect. Aubervilliers. The bed, a human-sized cocoon that he built and attached to the front of his house, is reached from the living room and called “Alcove”.

Patrick-Louis Vuitton, designer of customized goods at Louis Vuitton. Perche Forest. In the late 19th century the explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza commissioned his great-grandfather Georges, Louis Vuitton’s son, to create this trunk-bed for his expeditions. De Brazza traveled with a trunk-desk, several trunks of clothes and his bed, all of which sported the LV monogram. Today Patrick-Louis enjoys taking refreshing naps anywhere except in traditional beds.

Chloé Blum, temp worker. Her favorite occupation: doing nothing. To enjoy that activity she has chosen a bed designed by a whimsical decorator named Jean Royère, which she found at Christie’s. It is the only piece of furniture in her apartment. She lives lying down.

Gilles Ebersolt, architect specializing in construction hors sol . Limousin. La Ballule is an all-terrain vehicle de locomotion à vocation catastrophique . Designed for use on slopes, it has ridden on Mount Fuji in Japan, competed in the speed record trial at Clusaz and zoomed down the Noire Peutrey corridor. When it is not being used, the balloon serves as a floating bed.

To make her daughter happy, Nilaya’s mother gave her this caravan to travel around Italy.

Nathalie Wolberg, architect. Saint-Ouen. She enjoys clearing her mind when she comes home, so each room serves a specific purpose. The hanging bed is for resting, blanking out and forgetting. Feeling as though she were levitating fulfills Nathalie’s need to connect with the cosmos.

I wish I could be so decadent! Images from Thierry Bouet's series Deslits. The little stories behind each picture only improve them. Below is a quote from Bouet's website.

Thierry Bouët is happy in his bed. That’s where much of his inspiration comes from. He wanted to check and see whether his intensely close bond with that particular piece of furniture was an illness. After interviewing people and photographing them in more than 80 beds, he could rest assured: some folks are even sicker than he is.

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