My Mac only shows the left side of every photo. I guess they're too big, but I haven't figured out yet how to resize images on here! Shame on me. I'm new to Macs, and I'd like to post more pictures of my travels but it's a shame to cut part of them off.
If anyone could give me easy pointers I'd be mighty grateful!

I hope you're having a relaxing night/day depending on the timezone :)


  1. Aww re-size in photoshop! I am at work right now so couldn't tell you an exact size to re-size to but it should only take a few plays before you get it right!

    I miss you darlin! I am getting such itchy feet! I just want to fly away with Mark now and go on our adventures! :( Want to meet up with you and go for a nice big walk and relaxing sunny picnic where we could eat and sleep and awwww.. ... I can only dream of that just now!

    Working is tough because you just have no free time to do creative stuff! Still not done my palladium printing! If only I had more time off work... but then there would be less wages and it would take longer to save! grrr...

    Saw the Napier degree show yesterday (very quickly and I only got to see the photography stuff) there was one girl who's work was really swell, they don't seem to have their work online yet like we had to do...

    How is life over there? Going to need to write you a letter! That can be my bus journey job! love and millions of best wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Zoeeeee! <3
    You know I'm too lazy to photoshop! Haha ;)

    I miss you millions, It's frustrating that you have to work and wait but it'll be even more worth it in the end! And better than you can imagine :D
    Boo to work taking over creative time :( I know that one well. I know you'll get around to the palladium prints one day, you're a very determined miss! And you better post the results when you do..

    I'm a little intruiged to see the Napier show, they should have it online like us tsk tsk.. haha, I need to sort out a website still, ooh and I need to see if yours is up and running again!

    Life here is good, its getting coooold so starting to prepare for hibernation. Work was closed for a week due to the lake flooding and threatening to enter the shop! But back to normal now, and I start part time at a gallery in a few weeks. I keep meaning to put this all in a letter, that'll be my job now too! It's a deal.

    Love you heaps, and love to the family! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx