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Today I'm posting musical magic for your aural senses. Hooray!

I'm linking to 2 bands I found out about... this week! Maybe you've known about them for years, and I'm, like, so 2004. But they're new to me and I'm crushing on them.

So first up is Fang Island's Life Coach. Silly video, fun song (thanks Jon for the link). You can find more of Fang island's songs on YouTube, they have an Animal Collective / Vampire Weekend vibe, but with more rock & DIY performance art videos. Someone commented on YouTube that they're "triumphant power metal" ha, I like it.

Wheee! Just found this supercute video of Fang Island performing a gig in a kindergarten class :D
There's a stellar wee moment around 2:10 <3

Next up is Pomplamoose. Boyfriend/girlfriend duo Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn create musical genius together!
They have a music channel on YouTube, containing their own songs as well as covers. Nataly's voice is honey, and Jack is just comedy (and both are very talented).
It's hard to pick just a couple of their songs. Below is Beat The Horse.

Another Day


If You Think You Need Some Lovin'

And because it makes me happy, here's a Pomplamoose cover of Earth, Wind and Fire's September (feat. Jack's granny)

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