where in the world...

I've already mentioned that I'm going away for a while. In 5 days' time, I'll set off travelling for 8 months, visiting some pretty exciting places on the way.

I'll be here..

in Tokyo

trying to use the subway..

then the imperial gardens and shrines of Kyoto.. http://facstaff.gpc.edu/~ekendric/kyoto.jpg

before heading to East Coast Australia. Including Sydney amongst other cities..Sydney Australia

...and Melbourne.

Then across to Queenstown, New Zealand to visit my sister & beg for a summer job...

I'll tour around NZ (hopefully fitting in a trip to Tonga or the Cook islands if time & money allow) before flying to Buenos Aires to see some friends...
TEFL Buenos Aires

...and finally, Machu Picchu in Peru!

By then I'll be more than ready to come home :)
I'm going to miss people like crazy.

I realise almost all these photos show cities, but apart from the major cities, nothing's set in stone. I can't wait to experience the beaches & jungle & mountains along the way.

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