this is it


...At least for a short while. I'll be in the air, flying to Tokyo. Exciting times, with mixed emotions! Anyway, I don't know how possible it'll be to update, at least for a couple weeks. So take care & don't overthink things, people!

love <3


  1. very good things to remember! i like this list!!

    thanks for the reminder about notcot too havent been for a bit, the others you mentioned on my post im guilty of frequently ; )

    i went without blogging and blogs for 2 months while traveling late last year - you will be too busy doing exciting things to have withdrawals ; ) just a lot of catch up when you are back...although 8 months is a mighty long time. i will check back to see if you do get to post about your adventures though, would love to see. luck you and happy travels.

    i know you have commented before and i was going to put some things together for you to check out when downunder but im a slacker!! although if you dont already check out these two local melbourne ladies blogs for some local snippets that are cool and a little of the tourist track you might want to have a look, when you have time. enjoy xx


  2. thanks so much! i'm in melbourne now :D
    i haven't had the chance to check my blog since i've been away but thanks to a mix-up resulting in unlimited free internet at my hostel, it was a pleasant surprise to find your tips here!
    i'm staying in st. kilda and love it, ventured into the city today - tomorrow: fitzroy, collingwood. i want to spend silly amounts of money on genu-wine australian products. take care xx