of ash and moths

Went to the Langley Garden Station Cafe today, a new one for me and very nice, too. The garden used to be the railway line, so there's tons of wildflowers and some neat stone archways, all dotted with sculptures made from recycled objects, such as these rusty school locker doors by local artist Stephen Livingstone.


The artist on show in the cafe caught my eye. Coincidentally, also Stephen Livingstone. The more I find by Livingstone, the more I like; he uses interesting materials like smoke, ash, coal dust and rusty iron. My moth-fascinated mate Emily would love his stuff, I reckon.

Dust and shadows, 2008 - sixty-four moths extinct from the british isles painted in ash and smoke in rusted tins in fifteen drawer filing cabinet lined with graphite

Searching for ring ouzels, 2006-7 - six volumes containing digital prints mounted on iron staffs

Quakers, daggers, thorns, 2006 - three volumes ash and pencil on paper bound between antique board

Tinned carpet pages, 2005 - found objects, rusted iron, copper, minerals and pencil on paper mounted in rusted tins

Swift ghosts, 2005 - one volume smoke on paper bound between antique boards

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