family resemblance

I found these old family snaps on my laptop <3
Excuse the crappy scan quality, some of these were shrink-wrapped in hideous yellowing 80s family albums.

siblings by you.
John, Eileen, Jean and Joyce - my mum's the little one

These Boots Were Made For Walking by you.
Jean, Joyce & Eileen. The girls are grown up, I just love their outfits!

Jean by you.
Jean's 60s hairdo

wee bairn by you.
Cuteness! I'm the worm, Victoria's holding me and Rebecca's the worried one. I remember those animal slippers (although what animal were they?)

new arrival by you.

happy easter by you.
Chocolate! Victoria, Rebecca, me.

a beautiful friendship by you.
What a Kodak moment; this pretty much sums up my sisters' relationship.

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  1. WOW I love these photos! I could look at other peoples old photos all day! I particuarly like 'Jean's 60s do'. Thanks for stopping by my blog!