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Looking thru the B-Sides from Golden Lucky on Vimeo.

Golden Lucky created this trippy stop-motion film about one dude's quest to get his skateboard back and avoid the clutches of an evil cop. There's several different animation styles involved, from claymation to ink drawing. Highlights include a panda on a tongue-slide (freakin' awesome! seen above) and J-Pop manga skateboard around the 6:30 mark.

Here's what the creators have to say about the vid:
Looking Thru The B-Sides" was originally conceived by FUEL TV as part of an ongoing push for visual artists to inspire the action sports culture. The mission was simple: to take the word "inspiration" and create a visually stunning and narrative-driven short film. FUEL TV wanted the artistic integrity of the piece maintained so there was no demand to include overt branding. The rest was up to us (including the decision to make it as long as we wanted).

Pee Ess... I think the dude looks like my pal Callum :D

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