londinium & mcmurdo

I had a great time in London, and although I was SO glad to sleep in my own bed after a few dodgy nights in a hostel, I missed it when I got back. Our show was a success, I think; the place was packed with ace people on opening night. Lovely Wendy McMurdo said a few words, and now here are some of her images. I'll post a few pics of my London adventures soon.


Wendy McMurdo, ‘Helen, Backstage, Merlin Theatre’, 1996

from In a Shaded Place, the digital and the uncanny; Helen, Backstage, Merlin Theatre (The Glance), 1995


from Museum Projects; Girl with Bears, Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1999


from Science Museum Projects; Boy with Bubble, The Science Museum, London, 2000


from Early Play Projects; Ben with Mask, Summerfield House, 1997

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