Hello all,

I haven't been feeling on top of the world for the last few weeks. In fact, Daniel Gustav Cramer's Woodland series is looking like a pretty inviting place to curl up for a while.. sigh! I suppose it's a good thing I've got tons of work to keep me busy :)

Here's hoping things start looking up x


  1. Ohh those pictures are wonderful, I know what you mean! I just want to walk into those trees. Things will look up, they always do! (insert stupid rollercoaster/life thing here!) Of course its ok for you to use any picture! listen to this song on my profile, it makes me happy http://www.myspace.com/zoewintersphotography I cant wait to get away!!!! :D Hope your doing well, the weather has gone poop again :( I keep thinking about the Japan thing and its so ace I hope you do it, have you decided!? xxxxxxxx

  2. Im so glad! woo! It will be September before we know it too! eep! :D
    Im so distracted, look at this...
    Geez! See you soon! xxx