rebel without a pause

Dive, graphite & digital colour, 17x30", 2007

I couldn't resist this last post of the day, dedicated to James Jean. His website contains a wide variety of styles - the Sketch section is particularly worth checking out, with straight scans from Jean's moleskine diaries. See more here. Click the images for larger versions.

Crayoneater, mixed media & digital, 2007

Trike, graphite & digital, 2006

from 2008 Mole A

have a colourful day x


  1. Ah thats so weird! I just was reading a blog and someone has a James Jean inspired tattoo! Then I read your blog and Im like... twilight zone, well hardly but you know what I mean! haha! :) I cant wait for the whwta movie! ^..^ It better be as good as the promo stuffs make it look! Eep! See you soon lovely! Hope your doing swell! xxx

  2. haha no way!
    that would make a sweet tattoo. i was just thinking about you miss lady, if you're free sometime this week lets have a cuppa tea or lie in the meadows :) xxxx

  3. That second picture looks very much how my head feels today...